Frequently questions

What’s TicketDuper?

It’s an online tool used to design and number (if you need) easily any kind of ticket. Raffles, labels, visit cards, coupons, etc. A high resolution PDF document will be exported with all your numbered tickets ready to be printed with the best quality.

What’s TicketDuper+?

The version of TicketDuper for advanced users. Enjoy the full version of TicketDuper and work without limitations of any kind.

How can I access to TicketDuper+?

From the home page of TicketDuper (, pushing the button “TicketDuper+”. Choose an option from the pay wall to continue. In case that the pay wall still appears while the temporary subscription is active, please use the link “Sign in” (with the mail address and password that you used when you made the payment) to continue.

Can I have an invoice?

When you make a payment you will recieve an e-mail with all the information that you need. You can also access to all your payments history as well as to report any problem from the members dashboard.

Which are the differences between TicketDuper and TicketDuper+?

The main difference is the removal (in the PLUS version) of any incoming ads and the suppression of any limitation regarding to the paper size selection or number of tickets that can be exported. Other differences can be tested with the FREE version of TicketDuper.

Can I edit my images and add effects with TicketDuper?

TicketDuper is not and image editor. We strongly recommend to use any other software to edit your images.

Does TicketDuper print my document?

No. We generate a PDF document ready to be printed. The user can print it at home or in a specialized center.

Does TicketDuper work in off-line mode?

No. You must go to to use this tool.

And what about desktop version?

No by the moment.

Do I need any additional software to work with TicketDuper?

TicketDuper works with Flash technology. An updated browser will be enough.

Do I need register to work with TicketDuper?


Does TicketDuper save any information about the user?


How many languages are available?

Right now in English and Spanish.

Does TicketDuper work in mobile devices?

No by the moment.